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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject TCP oriented analysis of web servers
Date Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:42:04 GMT
Does anyone know of any good papers that go into an analysis of web
traffic on a particular server in terms of examining the TCP packets, and
additionally corrolating them with operating system events and getting a
picture of how things work?

Stevens vol 3 does it a bit in the HTTP chapter, but it skips over a lot
of things that would be cool.

I have been starting to play around a little and you can get some cool
results.  I am amazed at how clean the distribution of SYNs seems to be. shows a plot of
cumulative SYNs received versus the time between arrivals for a
low-traffic server.  It thins out a bit at the tail because of
insufficient data points, but you can almost perfectly fit it to a curve. 
It appears like you may be able to do statistical analysis and capacity
planning for web traffic better than I had anticipated. 

This doesn't cover requests served, etc, but that would be easy.  

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