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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject Build summary apache_19971114080021.tar.gz
Date Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:28:57 GMT
The last build summary was a week ago Thursday.

Changes in executable sizes:
                       now    was
   SparcSol   up      620428  617616
   SGI        up      867328  861704
   hp9000s700 up      694360  690252

The sunos attempts to links again, the fgetc, and fclose errors having 
been resolved, sadly this build still had the strtoul problem.

The NT build is back, I didn't check it for changes.

One warning (about fdopen) was eliminated on the mips.

I resolved the warnings about /usr/local/etc/httpd by add a -DHTTPD_ROOT.

Summary of the summary:
          Log        Configure          Notes
         sunos      SunOS       fail  stroul not declared (a)
         sgi        SGI IRIX    ok
         mips       ULTRIX      fail  compile errors (b)
         hp9000s800 HP-UX       fail  compile errors (c)
         hp9000s700 HP-UX       link  compile warnings (d)
         alphaosf   DEC OSF/1   fail  make file broken? I'm confused.
         intelnt                link  warnings, signed/unsigned, float/double
         sparcsol   Solaris 250 ok
  (1) errors cause make to give up and skip rest of the build.
  (a) filters discard a warning about file name truncation on this platform
      since it doesn't effect the link (you see the entire log at geocities).
  (b) 'redefinition of struct hostent', etc. etc.
  (c) many: cc: "http_config.c", line 614: error 1527: Incompatible types in cast.
  (d) eg: proxy_connect.c:209: warning: passing arg 2 of `select' from incompatible pointer

Details at:

 - ben
"Test it? I wrote it!"

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