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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject RE: telnet access to NT server...
Date Mon, 17 Nov 1997 15:15:00 GMT
I am unaware of a usable Telnet server for NT workstation.  There is a
commercial RSH
server though.  Most of the licenses for software on this machine are to
a single
individual using them on a single (or occasionally two) machines.  So it
would be
delicate to create a legal configuration of this nature.  Finally the
compiling tools on
the NT are really not designed for command line use.  It is a struggle
to keep the makefiles in synch with the environment created by the IDE,
and that's where one
actually works.  So - in summary - I doubt this is a tractable thing to
set up.

On the otherhand it might be possible to cobble together something that
one to request a build, with the current CVS tree plus some unix style
as input... humm.  I guess I'd rather see some automated testing first.
- ben h.

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Marc Slemko []
> Sent:	Sunday, November 16, 1997 8:24 PM
> To:	Apache - BYOC
> Subject:	telnet access to NT server...
> (just thinking out loud here...)
> There is no reason that someone couldn't setup a NT server and allow
> people remote access to it via telnet to use a compiler, right?  That
> could allow people who don't have a NT box on their desk to do
> (minimal)
> things.
> I'm assuming you ignore crashing, licensing, security, and the fact
> that
> setting up a decent command line environment under NT is horrible.
> Probably more hassle than it is worth because doing anything useful
> would
> be such a pain.

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