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From Igor Tatarinov <>
Subject Re: Want to add file caching to Apache
Date Fri, 21 Nov 1997 03:03:48 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> Are file handles a limited resource under win32?  If so then this bites.
> At least with open()/mmap()/close() under unix you can fill many many Mb
> of your process space with file data.  More than you would be able to keep
> around open filehandles for typically.  But I suppose the same trick might
> work for win32 using its similar-to-mmap stuff.  Remember that web
> documents average 6k (from the point of view of an http proxy cache...
> some day I should get off my butt and get real data off of one of wired's
> servers).
> Dean

Here are avg requested file sizes (from one of the studies I did):
CS Dept UCB (jan 97) 20K 
CS Dept UW (march 97) 11K
ClarkNet ISP (aug 95) 10K
InfoArt, content provider (dec 96) 8K

It's true that files are getting smaller on the Web and commercial
web sites may have smaller files due to a lot of small pics.


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