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From Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite/1440: Rewrite has problems with urls such as
Date Sun, 23 Nov 1997 22:26:49 GMT
At 16:19 23-11-97 -0700, Marc Slemko wrote:
>They are not equal, but the problem is that Apache treats them as equal
>later on in the processing.

Ehh... isn't it actually the underlying filesystem that treats them as equal?

>...  It is not good when you can slighly modify a
>URL and use that to bypass access controls.  With the current mod_rewrite
>and Apache interactions, you can do this.
>This is a problem.  It is not necessarily mod_rewrite's fault, but it is a

Indeed.  It has made me put a thorough check of all RewriteRules in our
servers on my to-do list for the coming week... ;-(  I'd rather be too
paranoid than not paranoid enough.

Elizabeth Mattijsen
xxLINK Internet Services

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