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From Random Junk <>
Subject Re: flock() question (fwd)
Date Sun, 30 Nov 1997 17:47:35 GMT
Dean Gaudet writes:
> +1 on SAFE_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT for freebsd 2.2+ then. 

i'm running freebsd 2.2.5/apache 1.2.4 and apache is getting stuck on
a regular basis (i have a kill -HUP on an hourly cron to keep it
happy).  the web traffic on that machine is extremely high (30
connections/sec pretty much continuously, maybe even more now due to
thanksgiving vacation).  top/vmstat shows a good amount of free ram
and no swapping.


could it also have anything to do with the listen queue on the
machine?  (somaxconn is at 128).

i will experiment with both of those but i'd like to know as much as
possible about potential impact before just blindly mucking about.

    Jon Drukman      SpotMedia Communications
This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence.

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