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From Andrew Hanson <>
Subject Re: debugging php3_mod for windows
Date Sun, 23 Nov 1997 02:48:32 GMT
The best way to debug apache for windows is to install the release into a 
working folder and set your executable path in MSDev  to that folder.
The regex makefile doesn't seem to build a debug version so I redid it 
(for completeness)

These are the steps that I went through from the source distribution
1.  delete regex.mak from the src/regex folder.
2.  create a new workspace and include all the projects(dsp)'s that you 
will be using 
      a. right click on that workspace in the fileview view hit "insert 
project into workspace".
      b. insert Apache.dsp, ApacheCore.dsp, ApacheOS.dsp and any 
module.dsp you might need
      c. right click on that workspace and include "add new project to 
      d. select "Win32 static library" set project name "regex" and Add 
to current workspace dependancy of "ApacheCore"
      e. right click on "regex files" select "Add Files To Project" and 
add regcomp.c, regerror.c, regexec.c, regfree.c to the project
      f. redo your depedancies by selecting a project and  main menu item 
"project"  "dependancies"
      g. select "project" "Export Makefile" from the main menu export 
regex makefile (or all makefiles it doesn't matter)
      h. from the command line  \apache\src or (whereever your dist is 
unpacked) type "nmake -f makefile.nt installd"
     This should install the debug version of apache into \apache 

3.  To debug apache
      right click on ApacheCore in the fileview and select "Set As Active 
      right click on ApacheCore in the fileview and select "settings.."
      click the debug pane
       'Executable for debug session' will be "\apache\apache.exe"
       'Working directory' "\apache"
       'arguments' "-X" (for the cool oneprocess debugging mode)

4. hit  f11  (step into) you now should be debugging apache.
HINT: Remember you are debugging an executable that is DIFFERENT than the 
one in your debug folders so make sure that you reinstall  (nmake) after 
you modify code.

You can "build" from both the command line or msdev it doesn't matter.
Also if you don't have your command line settings correct for msdev then 
c:\devstudio\vc\bin\vcvars32.bat, or you can copy the exe's and dll's by 
hand (uck)

,Andrew Hanson

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