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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject http_main.c
Date Thu, 20 Nov 1997 20:21:21 GMT

I'm starting to get my sea legs in this thing and
I'd like to ask some questions.  If you'd rather I
just go figure it out my self, that's ok, just ignore

I've a rant I like to inflict on people about how clean
code tends to get abused until it becomes sufficently
obscure to defend it's self.  http_main.c is a fine
example of that.

I'm bemused by HAVE_MMAP being redefined in there for
WIN32 but in point of fact it never calls MMAP.  Does
Win32 not define USE_MMAP_FILES because: (a) it would be
slower, (b) the code is yet to be written, (c)
none of the above.

Can somebody enumerate the dimensions of the current
process models in Apache.  It seems to be something
like this:
    - In file
    - In SharedMemory between processes
    - In SharedMemory between threads
  Process and thread
    - One process
    - One process as master, N process as Servers
    - N processes, 1 process as Server (using threads)
    - Stand alone run by user.
    - Managed by inet
    - Managed by Window's Services

  - ben h

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