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From Sam Rasins <>
Subject Re: release date for 1.3b3
Date Fri, 14 Nov 1997 02:42:09 GMT
Hello all,

I'd like to make an OUTSIDE observation ... the Apache 1.3 beta cycle has
slipped a few times ... for good reason.  There have been a lot of -uh-
"non-features" added that were GREAT and *needed* ... the result being a
drawn out beta #3.  Since we all (user commiunity included) want to see
a 1.3b3 out soon, it might be wise to put the "release" in a hold pattern.
Make a daily decision ... does it go tomorrow or not.  Y'all are SO CLOSE
that only one (or two) "bugs" are currently holding things up.  Once they
are clear ... shoot for a release!  Just DON'T add any other BUG-FIXES for
the "hold" period so that it can get out FAST.  Only bug-fixes allowed are
for the current show stoppers.

I hope the paragraph makes sense ... y'all have done great work so far and
a little time (days) spent making sure the 1.3b3 is sound is worth it ... as
long as you manage what "other" code you allow into 1.3b3 before release.

Take care,
Sambo	P-)

>From the Pro 350 Pocket Service Guide, p. 49, Step 5 of the
instructions on removing an I/O board from the card cage, comes a new
experience in sound:

	5.  Turn the handle to the right 90 degrees.  The pin-spreading
	    sound is normal for this type of connector.

{NOTE: The [random] quote above was provided via the 'fortune' program.}

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