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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: general/1404: doesnt build due to BSD file name length restri ctions (fwd)
Date Wed, 12 Nov 1997 20:35:35 GMT
On Wed, Nov 12, 1997 at 12:03:29PM -0500, Ben Hyde wrote:
> I believe this is only a warning, the server still links fine.  
> Sunos gets these too, but not today (1.3b3-dev) since it get's stuck at
> the fgetc isn't declared in stdio problem. - ben

There's a set of prototypes in conf.h which are meant to be used on SUNOS
(and SUNOS only): they declare the missing prototypes iff the #define
SUNOS_LIB_PROTOTYPES is set. I added prototypes for fgets() and fgetc()
to this set of prototypes yesterday. My question now is: did anything
change, or is possibly the #define SUNOS_LIB_PROTOTYPES not set on your
platform? Can you please re-check and report either to the list
(preferred) or to my personnally? I would like to eliminate this compile
failure before the official distribution of 1.3b3.

Thanks for your cooperation,
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