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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [PATCH] "Signing" server generated pages
Date Mon, 03 Nov 1997 17:41:09 GMT
Server generated pages (like, e.g., error messages, AutoIndexes and FTP
listings) should IMHO be "signed" by the apache server generating the
reply. This helps users to track down the server which is causing
problems (if there are problems), especially in a proxy chain where it is
otherwise unclear exactly which apache generated the error response.

In the past, the FTP proxy used to generate a footer which contained a
HTML reference to - this patch does NOT try to resurrect this
"feature" ;-)  Instead, the "causing server" and its webmaster mail
address are added to the server pages, like in (simple dir listing):

    Index of /blah
     o Parent Directory
     o buildmark.c
     o modules.c
    Apache/1.3b3-dev PHP/FI-2.0b12 at _pgtm0035.mch.sni.de_ Port 80

Is that a useful fix?

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