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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject IE4 problems
Date Sun, 02 Nov 1997 23:54:25 GMT

Not acked.

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From: "Andrew Hannam" <>
To: <Apache@Apache.Org>
Subject: Caching problem with IE4 and mod_proxy + fixes for Apache1.3b2
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 09:49:13 +1000
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IE4 seems to behave extremely slowly when the rear end of apache has a slow
This is due to many requests that should be getting cached not getting
The culprit is the "Refresh" button which not only causes apache to re-read
the file from the Internet but also prevents apache from keeping a copy of
this newly updated page in its own cache.
At appears that as IE4 has its own local cache, it uses If-Modified-Since on
a pragma-NoCache request to perform the refresh. This apache handles by
forgetting its own cache entry - requesting a new copy with an
If-Modified-Since header which when the server replies with a 304 causes
apache to not store the page in its cache.
The solution was to change Apache to handle the pragma-NoCache the same way
that IE4 does, that is send an If-modified-Since relative to its own cache

The diffs are actually very simple and are listed below

<   Explain3("GC Unlinking %s (expiry %ld, garbage_now %ld)", filename,
rbage_expire, garbage_now);
- ---
>   Explain3("GC Unlinking %s (expiry %ld, garbage_now %ld)", filename,
pire, garbage_now);
<   strlen(url) < 1024 && !proxy_liststr(pragma, "no-cache") &&
- ---
>   strlen(url) < 1024 &&
>   if (!proxy_liststr(pragma, "no-cache")) {
>   }

- -----------------------------------------------------
Andrew Hannam
Global Electronic Merchandising and Marketing Pty Ltd

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