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From "David D'Antonio" <>
Subject RE: 2.0: process model design
Date Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:27:14 GMT
On Monday, November 24, 1997 3:13 PM, Frank J. Faubert, Jr. 
[] wrote:
> Actually, I ported our application to NT-Alpha in zero time
> flat.  We are a
> member of Digital's Internet Innovators program, and located
> pretty close to
> a DEC porting lab, so they set all the equipment up and I just
> showed up and
> recompiled.  It was by far the easiest port I've ever done.

Port is one thing, maintain and develop is another. The company 
I used
to work for (where all this was done) has a pretty close 
relationship with
DEC, too. But that didn't help when they were months late with 
VC 4.0
(so the project had to stay with 2.2 until DEC shipped). And 
then there
were bugs in the MFC that caused all sorts of nice problems, 
such as
newly added pages to a PropertySheet to be invisible until you 
the sheet. MS fixed this in one of the point upgrades; DEC 
didn't. So
we had to get the code from MS, hack the MFC sources and 

Oh joy!

>  (Of course I
> still don't care for the fact that it was a $995 upgrade fee 
> get the
> InstallShield for the Alpha).

And the fact that our code-management package (PVCS) didn't ship 
for Alpha
so we had use their weird makefiles by hand. I was the build 
person for a couple
of these releases. It hasn't a fun time.

Now, all this may be moot for Apache, since it doesn't (yet?) 
rely on any of
the MFCs or other Win32 specific stuff. But it is certainly an 
issue I've faced
in the past.

> -Frank


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