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From "David D'Antonio" <>
Subject RE: windows install sheild
Date Thu, 20 Nov 1997 23:19:06 GMT

	it installed for me, but I didn't try running it. Earlier
versions of ben's installsheild worked great, modulo my services

	It installed fine for me and works fine (in that it will return a wierd
	FTP-style listing since I don't have anything in the contents directory).

	BTW, the tray app works here to control it (start/stop). I have to do some
	more work since I thought you could pause/resume the server, but that's
	not true. I also want to add a couple more traffic icons.

	And it still take a WAY long time to shut down. In fact, as was pointed out
	before it would happily serve a page despite being in "pending stop from
	the service control manager" state (i.e. the SCM told it to stop and is waiting
	for it to do so). This state isn't usually seen since things just stop when told

Sameer Parekh					Voice:   510-986-8770


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