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From C...@PROCESS.COM (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: Separate docs
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
>From the fingers of Lars Eilebrecht flowed the following:
>According to Marc Slemko:
>>  Personally, I don't see the point.  99% of people's problems are because
>>  they can't read.  There are little enough people making real improvements
>>  on docs; I find it hard to justify the effort required to maintain two
>>  trees simply because some people can't read.  We don't have the resources.
>>  If there are places where it is not clear that things are only in a
>>  particular version, those places should be clarified instead of splitting.
>I agree with Marcs point of view... I don't think it is worth the effort.

    I guess I didn't make myself clear.  All I meant was to change


    and add

    and just do a cvs co -rAPACHE_1_2_X in the latter.  I'm not babbling
    about investing a lot of effort to keep them (the 1.2 docs)
    up-to-date, just making it clear that there are two sets of
    documentation for the two different versions.

    I think this will have slightly less effect on the problem than
    going through all the 1.3 docs and adding "only in 1.3 and later",
    but it will be a whole lot simpler and easier.  It would also allow
    the recent changes to the header & footer files for 1.2 to show up
    clearly on the 1.2 pages.

    Personally, I also would prefer that we have an online reference for
    the latest "released" version available.  Right now we don't - we
    have a single reference which is for the latest released version
    PLUS the stuff in the beta version, which isn't particularly nice.

    As an alternative, perhaps /docs/ should be rolled back to 1.2
    (since that's the latest "released" version), and we could *add* a
    "/docs/1.3/" or "/docs-beta/" directory for the still-in-beta stuff
    and checkout apachen/htdocs into it.  That would also allow us to
    move the 1.3 stuff into /docs/ when it's finally released, and put
    the 2.0b stuff into /docs-beta/ if, as, and when.  And the 1.2 stuff
    could be moved into /docs-1.2/ at that point.  That way we'd have
    documentation on the site for all the different versions our
    customers are using - and the header/footer files could be easily
    modified to say "Apache 1.2 - NO LONGER SUPPORTED" when that
    decision is made.  And so on, and on..

    Upon brief reflection, I like this latter idea even better.  Much.

    Is that any clearer, or have I now muddied the waters further?

    #ken    P-)}

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