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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: Draft: vhosts-in-depth and vhost-examples
Date Fri, 31 Oct 1997 13:37:35 GMT
According to Martin Kraemer:

> >   IP-based vhosts only
> >   
>  ...
> >        Server configuration:
> >        
> >     ...
> >     Port 80
>        Listen 80     <------- Add "Listen" to every "Port"?

If we only deal with Port 80 we don't need an explicit Listen directive

> >      The main server can never catch a request, because all IP address
> >      of our machine are in use for IP-based virtual hosts.
>  How about "localhost"? It will be served by the supposedly unreachable
>  main server.

Ah, I forgot about localhost... but I think most servers are rarely access
as localhost. ,-)

>  Shouldn't the examples include _default_s or at least a pointer to it?

You mean adding a _default_ vhost to very example? Well, I intentionally
added a paragraph about _default_ vhosts with example sections that can 
be used in one of the other examples if they are need... and only when
they are need. If have a server with one IP and use it for name-based
vhosts (and also specify "NameVirtualHost :-)) then a _default_
vhost (or the main server) never serves a request.

>  Is it really true that Port based vhosts don't need a NameVirtualHost?
>  That was always unclear to me.

Ask Dean ;-)
My tests showed that it work without NameVirtualHost...
>  I never tried this, but from looking at the code it appears to me that
>  this should read "ServerPath /abc/def"

Yep, that's true.

Lars Eilebrecht                     - Out of coffee--error. Programmer halted.

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