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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: vhost matching and check_fulluri
Date Mon, 27 Oct 1997 23:25:19 GMT
According to Dean Gaudet:

>  This would be a bug if you're refering to 1.3.  But given that I tested
>  this stuff I'm surprised.

*blush* I'm stupid... I had ProxyRequests turned on. <:-}
I should stop testing such stuff after 2 a.m. 8-)

But there is still one thing that seems bogus to me. 

Here is my example config:



 DocumentRoot /usr/home/sfx/httpd/htdocs/vhost1
 ServerName www.domain.tld

 DocumentRoot /usr/home/sfx/httpd/htdocs/vhost2
 ServerName www.otherdomain.tld

www.otherdomain.tld is an alias for and www.domain.tld an alias

A request to port 80 on fails, because Apache is only listening
on port 8080, but sending the request

  GET http://www.otherdomain.tld:80/ HTTP/1.1

to port 80 on returns vhost2.
Yes ProxyRequests is turned on, but Apache doesn't Listen on Port 80 for
www.otherdomain.tld. (?)
Using the IP address in the request results in a correct "Could not connect
to remote machine" message.

Is it just me doing bogus things or is it Apache? 

Lars Eilebrecht                      - Bugs come in through open Windows.

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