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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject RE: Apache feature list
Date Wed, 01 Oct 1997 20:55:10 GMT
According to Rob Hartill:

>  <br>Logging with syslog (Unix) or Event Log (Windows NT): <b>no</b>

Wasn't this added recently?

>  Automatic response to If-Modified-Since: <b>yes</b>
>  <br>Select documents based on Accept header: <b>yes</b>
>  <br>Select documents based on User-Agent header: <b>yes</b>
>  <br>Includes based on HTML comments: <b>yes</b>
>  <br>Includes can be based on request headers: <b>?</b>

If this means that I can include different pages via
SSI if for example HTTP_USER_AGENT is Mozilla or not we should say

>  <br>Server can force includes: <b>yes</b>
>  <br>Automatically include any HTTP headers in responses: <b>yes</b>
>  <br>Access to server state variables from CGI or other scripting:
>  <b>no</b>


>  Can require password (Authorization: user): <b></b>


>  <br>Best features (as described by server author): <b>Fast, free, secure,
>  free, full source code, fast, configurable, free, well maintained, free,
>  vast user contributed plug in module collection, HTTP/1.1 compliant, fast,
>  reliable, robust, free, extendabl
>  e through simple API, free, SSI'able, Perl interpreter can be compiled
>  into server,

and other interpreters too, eg. Python. And there's also the Java stuff.

 fast, continually evolving, efficient, free, well tested,
>  no-gimmicks, free, money back guarantee, not Netscape, not Microsoft, not
>  a waste of money, not for or by idiots.

Lars Eilebrecht                     - Just because you're paranoid doesn't                      - mean they're not really after you.

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