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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject PHP 3.0 Alpha Release!
Date Thu, 30 Oct 1997 03:31:51 GMT

Thought people here might be interested in this announcement.

The first very early Alpha release of PHP Version 3.0 is out!  

The timing of this may be a little odd to some.  PHP/FI 2.0 has been in a
beta-state for well over a year.  Although very stable, there are still a
couple of annoying little quirks in 2.0.  I kept hoping to fix these
remaining issues, but it became apparent that some of them were just not
fixable.  That does not mean that 2.0 is not a very nice and useful tool.
It certainly is, and I run many production sites on it myself.  There will
be a final release of PHP/FI 2.0 soon.  It is however expected that within
6 months most sites would have migrated to PHP3.

PHP 3.0 (The FI part has been dropped) is the next generation of PHP.  The
number of new features are really too numerous to mention here.  Please
visit one of the PHP3 web sites for more details.  A Good place to start
to see a quick summary of things that have changed is:

A personal thanks from myself goes out to Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans.
They have been the driving force behind PHP3.  They wrote the heart and
soul of PHP3 - the parser.  

All you Windows users out there can thank Shane Caraveo for the native
port of PHP3 to Windows.  

Stig Bakken, Jim Winstead and myself are the three other core developers
who have spent countless hours in the past couple of months working on
this code.

As you can see, this is much more of a group effort now.  PHP/FI 2.0 was
pretty much a one-man show when it came to low-level development work.  I
had lots of help, especially in the various database modules, but anything
beyond that I was the only person who could really fix stuff.  Mostly
because of the incredibly messy code I had written.  The fact that PHP3
starts off with 6 guys that know the code like the back of their Pilots is
a very good indication that PHP3 can go much further, much quicker than
version 2 ever could.

And it isn't just the 6 core guys.  Many others have been helping out, and
we certainly hope many more will contribute.  The first contribution each
of you reading this can make is to go and download the first trial release
and provide us with some feedback.  Tells us if it compiles, does it pass
the regression tests?  Does it crash?  We need input to improve things.

To read more and to download the code, point your browser at the main
site for these alpha releases:

There are two mirror sites in Israel as well:


If you install PHP3 and have some server capacity to spare, you can get a
mirror site as well.  Just ask us.


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