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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: NameVirtualHost
Date Mon, 27 Oct 1997 12:07:58 GMT
> For 1.3, I think this is best.
> To make our jobs easier, maybe we could write a perl script which parses
> the config files and somehow represents the configuration differently?  I.e. 
>   parse_config
> would show
>   Server available on IP address: w.x.y.z
>   Listening on port 80
>   Server is name-based; thus, browsers not supporting Host: will not see it
>     Non-Host:-browsers will see

This seems like a job for mod_info.  It is already parsing through the
config files.

I think the first step is to fix the sample httpd.conf-dist file to
include a proper NameVirtualHost example config.


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