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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Crashing IE4 with a simple page
Date Sun, 26 Oct 1997 04:52:43 GMT
I am running a current apachen CVS and have a page of simple HTML that is
giving me no end of trouble.  IE4 crashes consistently on every system I
have tried on this page.  Am I nuts?  Am I (meaning PHP) or Apache sending
something bogus back in the headers that might confuse it?  I have looked
at them, but I don't see anything special.

The broken URL is:

A very similar page which works is:


(moving inherit.phps into the photos dir made no difference, nor did
turning off HTTP/1.1 in IE4)

The .phps ending points to a special mime type which tells mod_php to show
a syntax colour hilighted raw-source version of the file.  Generally I
symlink my .phtml to .phps in order to put code samples up, or simply to
help myself debug.  The hilighting is good at catching syntax errors.

Is this just another case of MS software being broken?  Or have I screwed
something up?


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