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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject RE: NameVirtualHost
Date Sat, 25 Oct 1997 23:21:30 GMT
> - main server is used.  The user needs to add something like this:
>     <VirtualHost>
>     ServerName
>     </VirtualHost>
>     before other name-vhosts.  Nothing else need be in that definition...
>     it'll inherit.

Seems silly since is not a virtual host in this case.
It's the real host.  Thought we had bashed this one to death, but I guess
not.  Still lots of confusion.

If I have a main server and 3 virtual name hosts.  ie. 1 IP and 4 domain
names.  The config should be:

NameVirtualHost IP:80

<VirtualHost www.main>
ServerName www.main

<VirtualHost www.virt1>
ServerName www.virt1

..followed by the other 2 virtual hosts?

And there is no ServerName or anything else needed before the first
virtual host - ie. in the main block?

I think when we document this we need to document it with some examples.


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