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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Date Sat, 25 Oct 1997 13:50:31 GMT
> One thing I'm not sure about... if we use autoconf, and we need to
> make adjustments to it for one thing or another, how do we
> go about maintaining the diffs between ``our'' version and
> GNU's? Do we just start updating ours or do we need to keep
> our's in line with GNU's and fold our diffs in each time if
> they aren't in the official one? It's good to say that people
> bug GNU when stuff doesn't work, but doesn't that mean that
> we are stuck in a holding pattern until GNU fixes it?
> (PS: I have no idea how quicking autoconf is maintained. I
> still try to steer clear as much as possible).

The PHP project has been using autoconf right from the start.  I have had
very few problems.  The ones I have had I have been able to easily work
around with some fancy scripting.  There is nothing that
forces you to use the various macros provided by autoconf.  If you find
one that for some reason doesn't do what you want it to, you simply write
you own and don't use the autoconf one..

The one drawback might be that it could be a bit confusing for users to
set all the various ./configure command line options they might need.  We
are looking at a couple of options for this for PHP.  One funky way to
make this easier for Joe-user is to have a web tool that builds the
correct ./configure line.  See


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