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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Trying to grok .module files
Date Fri, 24 Oct 1997 19:04:28 GMT
> Someone once said that not all makefiles keep the working directory across
> commands in a single target, so current Makefiles all use ( cd whatever; 
> $(MAKE) ... ). Perhaps these should be surrounded by (...) as well? 
> Other than that, +1.
> > Ok, I am not done yet.  For my own particular needs, I need to be able to
> > override the setting of WANTHSREGEX.  Due to the order of things in the
> > Configure script, this is not currently possible to do in a .module file.
> > The fix is simple.  Put the WANTHSREGEX rule check after the .module files
> > have been read to give the .module files a chance to alter the setting.
> > I propose the following patch for this:
> +1.

Ok, I think I have counted 3 +1's to the patches I submitted.  I withdraw
the first libdb enabled one, that was a bonehead patch, but could someone
commit the other two?

ie. the ../ patch to TestCompile and the patch that moves the WANTHSREGEX
check to down below the .module stuff in Configure.


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