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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: NameVirtualHost
Date Thu, 16 Oct 1997 16:44:15 GMT
On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Doug MacEachern wrote:

> The problem(s) we've just been looking at are how represent the new
> virtual host config syntax in Perl.  We'd have to work that out
> regardless of config reader hooks, e.g. being able to feed the config
> reader a string of config lines would not solve the "rogue Redirect"
> problem Dean pointed out.

I don't follow. The string is a direct equivalent of the config files.
Anything that can be achieved from a config file can be copied by
a config string.

Maybe I'm not making myself clear or am missing someone else's point.

Perl has no problem creating strings on the fly. If a string is as good
as a file then Perl has no problem creating config file equivalents on
the fly.

The current hash based mod_perl implementation of config preprocessing
can lose information, either through config ordering or unintentionally
overwritting hash entries.

> The current "hoops" are only in these
> functions: 
> 	perl_urlsection
> 	perl_dirsection
> 	perl_virtualhost_section
> 	perl_filesection
> 	perl_limit_section

Indeed. It's possible to do away with them all and significantly
simplify things if instead of telling folks to use (e.g.)

VirtualHost{"foo"}{"ServerName"} = "foo";
VirtualHost{"foo"}{"Logformat"} = "%h \"%r\"";

they used:

$give_this_to_apache .= "<VirtualHost foo>
ServerName foo
Logformat "%h \"%r\""

and instead of

$MaxRequestsPerChild = 123;

they used:

$give_this_to_apache .= "MaxRequestsPerChild 123\n";

mod_perl's config <Perl> X </Perl> section would then become:


I don't see any functionality being lost in that approach, but it does
allow any features currently not supported in <Perl></Perl> and *any*
future config features to be instantly supported.

yes/no ?

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