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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject MS Bashing (fwd)
Date Wed, 15 Oct 1997 21:48:09 GMT

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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 97 19:30:02 EDT
From: Bob Schulze <>
Newsgroups: rec.humor.funny
Subject: MS Bashing

Redmond WA, (AP).
Microsoft (MSFT) has announced a 54 million dollar lawsuit against
Tomagotchi maker, Bandai.  Microsoft is claiming that the Tomagotchi (the
Japanese electronic pet that's all the rage with the kids) is an infringment
of its intellectual property.

Microsoft spokesperson, Erik Loregard stated "Software that needs constant,
even hourly attention, or else it dies? Sounds like Windows to me.  This is
clearly an infringment on our technology."

The Bandai company spokesman refused to comment on the suit.

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