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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject RE: FTP under Windows NT? (fwd)
Date Tue, 28 Oct 1997 10:39:28 GMT
Another user with 16kb problems on NT, as mailed to apacheweek.  I asked
for details of the setup. Look, no IE 4! (I think - erm I wonder what
parts of IE Office installs?). 

I guess we need to ask the bug reports from the bugdb for the same info so
we can identify any commonalities....


>From: 	Paul Sutton[]
>Sent: 	Monday, October 27, 1997 8:30 AM
>To: 	McCown, Steven H
>Cc: 	''
>Subject: 	Re: FTP under Windows NT?
>> Currently, when I try to download from my server (a large file), I get
>> about 16K of a file downloaded and that is it.  Do I need to find a
>> separate FTP server or is there something in Apache that will allow me
>> to transfer files?  

>In particular, what upgrades have you performed since you installed NT4? 

None.  I do not use IE, but I am using Netscape Navigator Gold
                                        Version 3.01.  Installed
software consists of the OS, MS Office (Office did upgrade IE when it
installed), JDK1.1.4, Apache, and some other sundry applications.  This
is a pretty new setup.  The machine is a Compaq Proliant 800 (dual
pentium 200's), with 4 GB disk, and 128MB of RAM.  BTW, I did compile
Apache with the command line version of Visual C++ from the Developer's

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