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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject apache_1.3b3-dev_win32_a.exe
Date Tue, 21 Oct 1997 14:24:40 GMT
I've played with this installer for a bit, and looks great. But there are
a few problems:

 - It is 1.3b3-dev instead of 1.3b2. We'll get really confused if we
   start putting out different NT versions from Unix versions. 

 - It still installs by default to \Program Files\Apache, instead of

 - It puts its program group straight onto the Start menu, not

 - It does not expand the conf/*-win files to replace \Apache with the
   correct installation directory, if not the default

 - Why is it in Package-for-the-Web format rather than the normal
   InstallShield single-executable?

 - There is no description of the differences between Full, Typical
   and Compact installations. Is there any? Also if you deselect
   (say) Log Files from the Custom option it does not _create_ the
   logs directory. I think it should still create this directory, even
   if the user doesn't want to put any files in it, since Apache requires
   it to startup. 

 - It defaults to compact rather than typical install.

 - It adds a registry key for "Apache inc." with various keys
   such as "Apache WebServer for Win32", "1.31.000". Is this install
   shield? It should be possible to turn off all registry stuff. 

 - As already noted there is no documentation or source.

 - The program menu item (Start|Apache WebServer...|Apache WebServer)
   seems to be invalid on my system. It is a shortcut to
      "C:\apache*pache -d c:\apache2"
   where the "*" above is a block character (I installed to \apache2)

 - I'm not sure that the name any typography of "Apache WebServer for
   Win32" is correct. It is self-evidently for Win32 otherwise it would
   not have been installed, and "Web Server" is two words. But I think
   it should just be called "Apache".


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