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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: Win32 binary
Date Fri, 17 Oct 1997 22:05:26 GMT
On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> 3) Apache.exe is found under "Modules".  I'd put it one level up, in the
> main \Program Files\Apache directory.

Yep, that's where makefile.nt's been putting it anyway on a make install.
> 4) Apache when it launches looks for "/apache/conf/httpd.conf" instead of
> "/Program Files/apache/conf/httpd.conf"  And when I try and say

Um, /apache should be the default installation directory. It's the one
compiled into the code.

>   apache -f C:\PROGRA~1\Apache\conf\httpd.conf
> I get
>   fopen: no such file or directory
>   httpd: could not open document config file 
>     /apache/C:\PROGRA~1\Apache\conf\httpd.conf

Yeah, known bug number 764464 - Apache for NT doesn't understand the paths
which start X:/ are absolute, so it'll prepend the server root. You'll
have problems if you try and use stuff on multiple disks. Best stick
everything on C: and never use a drive spec.

> 4.1) So I install in \apache, and everything works, except the server
> doesn't come up automatically, like it looks like it's trying to do.  When
> started manually it's fine.

I don't think this'll work on Win 95. It can start automatically on NT
when it is installed as a service (with -i), but on 95 it has to run under
a shell (COMMAND.COM). I'm not convinced you are run apps from
the startup menu (or indeed any menu). At least it didn't work when I
tried it.

> 5) There's nothing in /src or /htdocs.  Did we decide to ship without these?

I think the docs should be there, and source shouldn't.


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