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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: in progress: vhosts yet again
Date Sun, 05 Oct 1997 09:57:55 GMT
> Wildcard ports utterly suck.  But I'm guessing that you SSL weenies need
> me to not screw them up.  Given that port-vhosting hasn't ever worked
> correctly with name-vhosting I'm not at all concerned about making it
> work now.  So here's what I'm asserting:

Host: based virtual hosts don't work well with SSL anyway (the server
doesn't get the Host: header until after all the negotiation and
certificate stuff has been done by which time it's a bit late).  I've not
seen people do wildcard ports with SSL; Stronghold just sticks in a
Listen *:443 and then <VirtualHost *:443> section.

The only thing to watch is that if someone connects to https://somewhere/
my copy of Netscape sends "Host: somewhere" and not "Host: somewhere:443" 


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