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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: on large numbers of virtual hosts and memory use
Date Sun, 19 Oct 1997 06:25:56 GMT
Yeah this is something that I meant to look at ... never had the time
though. Given that I mostly use IRIX and Linux which both have optimistic
COW it's not a huge issue for me.  But it's a pain in the butt on the few
solaris servers I deal with.

To do this I think we'd need three pools:

    pconf	like current pconf, but should only be stuff which is
		shared RO
    ptemp	like current ptemp
    punshare	probably created before init_modules() and contains stuff
		which is unshared -- but allocated by the parent


On Sat, 18 Oct 1997, Dmitry Khrustalev wrote:

> Walking pconf in standalone_main before starting daemons and doing
> mprotect(.., PROT_READ) on each memory block should help.
> >The workaround, since we know the child should never be writing to
> >them so COW is simply an excuse for not doing shared memory, is
> >to actually implement that via shared memory.  Then you get rid
> >of the pages mapped in each child, and are much happier.  This
> >doesn't look to be _that_ major an undertaking to me.  Comments?
> This is not true for BUFFERED_LOGS case.
> 	-Dima

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