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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject [STATUS] 1.3b1: Tue Oct 7 12:55:17 PDT 1997
Date Tue, 07 Oct 1997 19:56:32 GMT
Anyone adverse to me rolling the tarball now so it's ready for testing? 



    * PR#1155: RedirectMatch does not deal with urls that need to be escaped
    * RedirectMatch /advertiser/(.*) $1 doesn't work
    * mod_autoindex: deal with &esc; and truncate only when necessary
    * makefile: exit when a subdir fails
    * PR#974: proxy matching bug
    * suexec wouldn't build without LOG_EXEC
    * mod_imap declines non-GET methods
    * PR#1139: mod_include evaluates some exprs with && or || incorrectly
    * send_fb doesn't do aborts right
    * PR#918: use proper User/Group when testing CGI permissions
    * PR#523: properly detach from stdin/out/err
    * Atari MINT port
    * start of OS/2 abstraction
    * nph stuck in graceful bug
    * fix an oversight in the SAFE_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT code
    * fix wildcarding of "special" dirs like "proxy:"
    * fix "Ouch!  Freeing free block"
    * PR#1160 - CacheDirLevels/Length limit
    * cleanup aplog_error()
    * fix to proxy auth support
    * reclaim_child_processes was a little too sensitive
    * __attribute__((format(printf,x,y))) additions/bug fixes
    * __inline__ and __attribute__ only used if gcc >= 2.7.x
    * vhost revamp
    * Configure/Makefile wrangling


    * Brian Havard's OS/2 proxy patch -- OS/2 can't open() a directory
	This is take 3 or so.

In progress:

    * Martin Kraemer's [PATCH] Parsing URI into its components - comments welcome
	Good start, fixes bugs, cleans things up.  Needs some more work, and
	will probably need to go in after Dean's vhost patch.

Needs patch:

    * Gemini port (SCO + UnixWare)
	see <>

    * AIX >= 4.2 could use -DNET_SIZE_T=size_t

Open issues:

    * The PR#918 patch above appears to have been bogus, should be fixed or

    * Marc's auth issue, he'll get a minimal config that reproduces it
	* solved: mod_example is returning OK for everything ... causing

    * Martin's SEGV, and Alexei's GP Fault under windows (probably the same)

    * make install issues

    * FLOCK mutex problems under FreeBSD and others

    * Win32:
	Test mod_rewrite
	crypt() replacement (but see crypt32.dll)

	- Ben has a more-or-less working install:
	    - doesn't install as a service on NT
	    - doesn't patch the config files
	    - win95 doesn't seem to serve up index.html, NT dos

    * Marc's [BUG] include virtual and SCRIPT_NAME w/path_info

    * Ken's perl logfile splitter

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