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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject more vhost thoughts
Date Sun, 05 Oct 1997 09:16:38 GMT

If a client connects to port X and gives "Host: foo:Y" where Y != X,
should the server reject the request? 

Right now my code does it's first pass using X (this is the pass which
determines which pool of name-vhosts to use, and it happens before headers
are read), then does the second pass using Y (this is when it checks the
hostname, and this is just how we always did it). 

The period of time between when the connection is opened and the request
headers are read is arbitrarily long, and there are error conditions that
can be generated.  The way my code is written right now, those errors will
be issued using the default server for the name-vhost pool.  (Present
behaviour issues the errors with the main server, which is essentially the
default server for the single name-vhost pool.) 


The Port directive is a non-intuitive mess when applied to vhosts.  Consider:

	Port 8080

That's a vhost on port 80, which will issue redirects indicating port 8080.


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