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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject [STATUS] 1.3b1: Sat Oct 4 11:51:06 PDT 1997
Date Sat, 04 Oct 1997 18:51:50 GMT

    Marc thinks he might get a chance to hack on it this weekend.
    So let's roll on Sunday night.  Dean will be out hiking at least
    one day, but probably has a chance to hack.


    * PR#1155: RedirectMatch does not deal with urls that need to be escaped
    * RedirectMatch /advertiser/(.*) $1 doesn't work
    * mod_autoindex: deal with &esc; and truncate only when necessary
    * makefile: exit when a subdir fails
    * PR#974: proxy matching bug
    * suexec wouldn't build without LOG_EXEC
    * mod_imap declines non-GET methods
    * PR#1139: mod_include evaluates some exprs with && or || incorrectly
    * send_fb doesn't do aborts right
    * PR#918: use proper User/Group when testing CGI permissions
    * PR#523: properly detach from stdin/out/err
    * Atari MINT port
    * start of OS/2 abstraction
    * nph stuck in graceful bug


    * Lars' [PATCH] PR#1160 - CacheDirLevels/Length limit
	Status: Lars +1, Dean +1

    * Dean's [PATCH] Re: proxy access restrictions
	Wildcarding was changed to behave more like shell wildcarding,
	which respects / boundaries.  But the "special" "directories"
	like proxy: need special casing ... don't make them respect
	Status: Dean +1, Jim +1

    * [PATCH] Cleaning up FILE,LINE,errno in aplog_error()
	Ken's <>
	Status: Ken +1
	Dean's <>
	Status: Dean +1

    * Dean's [PATCH] Ouch! solved
	unblock_alarms() would nest twice when an exit signal was received
	while alarms were blocked.
	Status: Dean +1, Rob +1

    * Dean's [PATCH] reclaim_child_processes (was Re: Proxy bug?)
	It doesn't wait long enough to send the children lots more signals.
	Status: Dean +1

    * Brian Havard's OS/2 proxy patch -- OS/2 can't open() a directory
	Status: Dean says this is fine if it's done conditionally for OS/2
	    because unix doesn't have d_attr in the readdir structure.

Needs patch:

    * Gemini port (SCO + UnixWare)
	see <>

    * AIX >= 4.2 could use -DNET_SIZE_T=size_t

Open issues:

    * PR#1159: Configure always exits with return code 0

    * PR#1049: name-based, multi-port servers don't work
      Dean posted a patch but Martin mentioned it was wrong and proposed a
      better solution.  Waiting for his work.

    * new logging verbosity issues

    * Marc's auth issue, he'll get a minimal config that reproduces it
	* solved: mod_example is returning OK for everything ... causing

    * Martin's SEGV, and Alexei's GP Fault under windows (probably the same)

    * make install issues

    * FLOCK mutex problems under FreeBSD and others

    * Win32:
	Test mod_rewrite
	crypt() replacement (but see crypt32.dll)

    * reclaim_child_processes seems a bit to eager to declare children tardy

    * Marc's [BUG] include virtual and SCRIPT_NAME w/path_info

    * Ken's perl logfile splitter

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