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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: erm.... 1.3 is messed up?
Date Thu, 02 Oct 1997 05:33:29 GMT

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Martin Kraemer wrote:

> In the meantime, I have a suspicion, but not enough internal knowledge
> to decide if it is sensible:
> Is it possible that _after_ destroy_subpool(), there are still dangling
> references to things which were stored in the subrequest? That would
> explain why the crashes never occur at the same code location (depending
> on the server's request history) and why it can be several different core
> stuctures which are trashed by apparently new request info.

This has been my suspicion for a while too -- either that or a module
calling get_module_config with the wrong struct module.  But since I got
that "Ouch!  Freeing already free block" error today I think it's less
likely to be a get_module_config problem.

> What do you guys think, could it be possible? If yes, then _very_many_
> functions' pool arguments would have to be checked, right?! :-(

Well given that I got the problem today with a very small set of modules I
think we can start by finding out just how small that set of modules needs
to be.  I had:

AddModule modules/standard/mod_env.o
# this is non-standard, but I don't suspect it
AddModule modules/hotwired/mod_log_hotwired.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_mime.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_negotiation.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_status.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_dir.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_asis.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_imap.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_actions.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_alias.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_access.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_auth.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_expires.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_headers.o
AddModule modules/standard/mod_setenvif.o


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