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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: cvs export
Date Mon, 20 Oct 1997 18:36:45 GMT
On Mon, 20 Oct 1997, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> Remote 'cvs export's are tested to fail with CVS 1.9 and CVS 1.9.18
> but work with CVS 1.7.
> Go figure.

Yeah; I pointed this out a while back, when I rolled 1.3a1, and
suggested someone tell the CVS people, but I don't remember any

As near as I can tell, a feature in CVS 1.9 is that it copies
the Template file from the remote CVSROOT (if you're using remote CVS)
into CVS/Template, and it uses that instead of the local
template. Which makes sense.

The way this is done seems to involve "checking out" CVS/Template when
a new directory is checked out. The problem is that someone forgot to
tell cvs export not to do that (I presume that checkout and export
share mostly the same code): cvs export tries to "check out" the
CVS/Template file, but the CVS directory does not exist, so it goes

Since CVS 1.8 and earlier don't do the template thing, they don't have
this problem. Though you'd think it'd be easy to fix export to just
work... they've gone through dozens of revisions of CVS 1.9, one would
think they'd get it right.

FWIW, I run into a similar problem sometimes that's not related to the
template file, but the same sort of thing: If I check out an Apache
tree with a -P flag on either the co or a subsequent update, it will
delete the logs directory (because it's empty). If I then add a logs
directory, so I can use the server from that root, cvs update stops
working, because it can't find logs/CVS, which is "knows" has to

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