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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Apache 1.3b2 + Perl on NT - repeated script crashes from ?memory leak? (fwd)
Date Tue, 21 Oct 1997 01:02:16 GMT

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>From: (Alan Stewart)
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>Subject: Apache 1.3b2 + Perl on NT - repeated script crashes from ?memory leak?
>Date: Tue, 21 Oct 97 00:23:08 GMT
>Organization: NRaD
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I've installed 1.3a1 and 1.3b2, on NT 4.0 and NT 3.51, using Sarathy's Perl
5.00402bindist04 and Activeware Build 306 to run the printenv cgi script
that comes with the Apache distribution, and there seems to be something
like a memory leak occuring in all combinations of the above.

On initial start of Apache, all my perl scripts work ok. If I use Sarathy's
Perl and reload the printenv script 13 times, on the 13th try I get a Perl 
stderr log that says:

Can't open perl script "c:/apache/cgi-bin/printenv": Too many open files

and a browser error "500 Internal server error" and an Apache error "Premature
end of script headers:"

Subsequent reloads give the same errors, until finally I get memory exception
errors with Perl crashing.

Restarting Apache cleans things up.

If I start with Activeware Perl, I can reload many, many times without errors,
but if I switch to Sarathy's Perl without restarting Apache, something has 
been leaking in Activeware, because Sarathy Perl crashes in fewer reloads.
That is, 6 cycles of Activeware and then exactly 7 cycles of Sarathy bombs. If
I reload with Activeware many times, then Sarathy memory exception crashes 
on the first try.

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