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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: 1.3b2 tarball
Date Mon, 20 Oct 1997 00:28:49 GMT
On Sun, 19 Oct 1997, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> Still tried and no luck. I get:
>     [src/CVS] $ cvs export -r APACHE_1_3b2 -d lala apachen
>     cvs [export aborted]: cannot write <CVS/Template file>:
> 	No such file or directory
>     [src/CVS] $ cvs export -r APACHE_1_3b2 -d lala apachen
>     cvs export: existing repository /export/home/cvs does not match
> 	/export/home/cvs/apachen
>     cvs export: ignoring module apachen

Do it locally on taz then.  There is a bug in CVS that breaks remote
exports.  May have been fixed somehow in the version that was being used
before, don't know.  The instructions clearly say "do it on taz".      

OTOH, the instructions also say use apache instead of apachen so you
listen to them only when you are supposed to.

> In any case, big hairy deal, the distribution has the CVS trees in it.
> Why not jump down off your high horse? Or do you simply like to
> complain constantly?

You know, I think you figured out my entire reason for existing.  The only
thing I ever do is sit here and complain.  Whenever I do anything else, it
is just as a distraction until I can find something else to complain
about.  My entire life's work consists of nothing but sitting here and
waiting for Jim to post a message so I can complain about everything he

Oh, and since the only thing I do is complain I guess I had better
complain about something.  Hmm.  Your feet smell.

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