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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject dupe messages to bugdb
Date Sat, 18 Oct 1997 05:02:11 GMT
  fprintf (msg, "To: %s\n", responsible);
  if (*notify)
    fprintf (msg, "Cc: %s\n", notify);

      /* Notify the responsible parties about their duty.  */
      notify_responsible (responsible->alias,
                          submitter.notify, category.notify,
                          submitter.type, submitter.rtime, expired);

Both the responsible and the get mailed.  The for the apache user is  

I guess a code change in file-pr.c along the lines of:

  subc = append_notify (subcontact);
  if (subc && strcmp(subc, responsible)) /* changed */
      strcat (notify, subc);
      xfree (subc);
  subn = append_notify (subnotify);
  if (subn) /* change this one */
      strcat (notify, subn);
      xfree (subn);
  cnote = append_notify (cnotify);
  if (cnote) /* and this one */ 
      strcat (notify, cnote);
      xfree (cnote);

may be the easiest way to fix it.  I am not comfortable with the side
effects of changing other things.  The problem is we need apache listed in
the categories file (or else everything gets screwed up, like it is now)
and apache needs to have mail go to the list.

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