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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject 1.3b1
Date Mon, 06 Oct 1997 00:21:14 GMT
Ok, since I'm all talk and no action I will shut up and not complain about
releasing 1.3b1 whenever.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding the time to finish up what I
think needs to be done.  I haven't yet finished my turing machine programs
and adversary arguments.  Sigh. 

It would be nice to get some votes on my proxy auth thing and get it in
before b1, but not critical I guess.

We need a list of known 1.3beta issues; I think a seperate web page would
be good, because they aren't all necessarily bugs just issues.

It should have a NT section (eg. passwords don't use crypt) and a generic
section.  It can serve as both a todo list for us and a be quiet, we know
it is broken list for users.

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