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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Sun, 05 Oct 1997 16:18:50 GMT
  *) Change to CGI permission test to allow User/Group tests to do the
     right thing for suexec. [Randy Terbush] PR#918

I'm still not entirely sure what this is supposed to be doing or why it is
necessary.  The PR in question is about someone hacking the code to do
something like suexec but using their own code; I fail to see why this
change helps anything when people aren't hacking the code.  If they are
hacking the code, they should change it themself.

What it results in right now is that when you try to execute a CGI without
the proper permissions set, you get an internal server error and a
premature end of script headers in the error log instead of getting a
clear "permission denied" message.

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