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Subject Re: include <regex.h> in conf.h?
Date Tue, 14 Oct 1997 19:17:05 GMT
> Why don't you just declare WANTHSREGEX=yes for all php stuff?  Like
> Alexei, I wonder why we ever bothered using the system regex.  You'll note
> I didn't bother using the system fnmatch when I stuffed that in.

Oh, I do that.  But when I build my libphp.a and include httpd.h in the
process, the #include <regex.h> is troublesome.  I can't really build
all of PHP under a src/modules directory.  It is just too big and complex to
slide in nicely.  The PHP module has more lines of code than Apache plus
all the bundled modules combined.

I am copying a library file plus a small stub mod_php.c file to the
src/modules/extra directory and building from there.  My double-inclusion
hack solves the problem for the time being, so no worries.


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