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Subject Re: include <regex.h> in conf.h?
Date Tue, 14 Oct 1997 18:06:36 GMT
> Um... why? I don't understand. <regex.h> should point to whichever
> regex package you have selected in your Configuration; Apache's or
> your system's. Unless it's broken again.

It is really bad form to have <regex.h> point to anything other than the
/usr/include version.  If you want to include a local regex.h you should
be using "path/regex.h".  

However, my real point was that there is no way to know which regex.h
library to include at this point since ./Configure has not been run yet.
At least not in my case where I am including httpd.h from a standalone
tree.  I currently have a kludge where I define _REGEX_H and _RX_H in my
own header files to prevent the system regex.h from being included by 
Apache.  This solves the problem for me, but I still think there is a basic
problem here.  

If httpd.h is not valid until after ./Configure has been run, then ./Configure
should be generating it.  And, if it isn't valid until after Configure has
been run, then how the heck do we build a module?  The module itself may 
need to modify the Configuration file and in so doing will need
Configure to be run again which may change the WANTHSREGEX setting.

I guess your point is that -I./regex following by a #include <regex.h> should
pick up the right header file at compile time.  This is not the case, at 
least not with my compiler.  -I./regex followed by #include "regex" will 
however find the right one.


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