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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: night of the dead Apache
Date Sat, 01 Nov 1997 01:34:39 GMT
OTOH, it turns out that I can reproduce it using gdb and -X.
It appears to be spinning in the kernel, since this is where it
gets stuck (with Netscape showing "100% of 87k" forever).

Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0xef5b7920 in   ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0xef5b7920 in   ()
#1  0xef5540b8 in read ()
#2  0x59424 in saferead_guts (fb=0x8e920, buf=0x8e960, nbyte=4096)
    at buff.c:495
#3  0x577c0 in read_with_errors (fb=0x8e920, buf=0x8e960, nbyte=4096)
    at buff.c:546
#4  0x57c78 in bgets (
    buff=0xefffcc28 "f, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg", n=8192, 
    fb=0x8e920) at buff.c:667
#5  0x4a9fc in getline (
    s=0xefffcc28 "f, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg", n=8192, 
    in=0x8e920, fold=0) at http_protocol.c:539
#6  0x4b110 in read_request_line (r=0x98268) at http_protocol.c:702
#7  0x4b7b0 in read_request (conn=0x97b48) at http_protocol.c:800
#8  0x3b390 in child_main (child_num_arg=0) at http_main.c:2834
#9  0x3b630 in make_child (s=0x86788, slot=0, now=878346826)
    at http_main.c:2915
#10 0x3b838 in startup_children (number_to_start=4) at http_main.c:2975
#11 0x3bf50 in standalone_main (argc=4, argv=0xefffefa4) at http_main.c:3190
#12 0x3c870 in main (argc=4, argv=0xefffefa4) at http_main.c:3419
(gdb) c


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