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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: cvs on nt
Date Mon, 27 Oct 1997 13:15:55 GMT

>   However, I can't get nmake to work -- When I installed MSVC++
> it apparently didn't set my PATH variable correctly to run in the
> commandline. I set PATH to include the dir with nmake in it, but it
> now says 'cant file MSVC50.DLL' etc.

 When you installed Visual C++ the file VCVARS32.BAT appeared
someplace in the directory tree.  If you have various versions
installed then you'll have more than one of these.  You were also
given various choice points during the install and one of these would
have wired this into your system's intialization, if you choose to do
it and you rebooted since the install.  In anycase if you run this in
a shell it will establish a slew of environment variable additions
that will make the C compiler run right.  If you run it three or four
times you'll have very very long environment variable settings.

Within DevStudio you don't have these problems since it has it's own
universe of environment variable settings.

 I think I know that the makefile doesn't work with version 4.

 - ben

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