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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: NT: spaces in paths
Date Fri, 24 Oct 1997 12:18:58 GMT

Some thoughts about NT command line.
 - The reminding that spaces appear on other platforms is
   helpful.  If you've ever parsed command lines on tops-20,
   rsx/11, ITS, Mac, the memories will help.
 - The switch characters look like the real delimeters here,
   i.e. the slash, and dash.
 - Spaces can appear on the front of filenames, this explains
   why things like "cd /d  foo" fail to get to "foo" but will
   get to " foo".
 - Parsing past the command name, given the command line,
   is hard given that it too may have spaces in it.
 - Parsing the characters after the last switch is a little
   hard.  If the last switch takes an arg it might get those
   characters otherwise they are probably the target of the
 - Commands with multiple targets seem to require the use of 
That said I now think somebody has proably written the MS equivalent
of getopt which works from these kinds of principles - I just haven't
found it yet.
   - ben h
"The box says 'requires Windows 95, NT, or better' so yeah use a Mac."

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