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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: [STATUS] Sun Oct 19 14:06:30 EDT 1997
Date Sun, 19 Oct 1997 20:35:48 GMT
>From the fingers of Jim Jagielski flowed the following:
>    * Lars Eilebrecht's [PATCH] mod_speling loglevels
>	<>
>	Status: Dean +1


>    * Manoj Kasichainula's <> libap implementation
>	<>
>	Status: Jim +1


>    * Martin's [PATCH] Suggestion for HTTP_PROTO(maj,min) macro
>	<<>
>	Discussion: Is HTTP_PROTO a Good Idea? Other possible

    +1 for HTTP_VERSION(major,minor).

>    * Martin's [PATCH] [FEATURE] Clickable Path Components in ftp dir header
>	<>
>	<>
>	Status:

    It's definitely a feature, but wicked cool.  A standing +1 for it
    whenever we allow features to creep in again.

>Needs patch:

    NameVirtualHost changes need to be clearly documented!  The
    directive itself needs to be added to directives.html and core.html.
    Currently only the new-for-1.3 and upgrading-to-1.3 documents
    mention it, and in nowhere sufficient detail.  I may make a stab at
    writing something for it, but that's extremely unlikely until Friday
    at the earliest.

>Open issues:
>    * We have a copy of LICENSE in all source files... We need to
>	either update all of them or remove it from them.
>	Status: Brian: Let's remove them
>		Jim: Let's remove the actual LICENSE from the
>		 source, but include a pointer to LICENSE

    No, I think we should leave them where they are and update them in
    place.  I've had bad experiences with elisions replaced by pointers
    - particularly when the pointed-to document hasn't accompanied the
    referencing one..  I don't think the space savings is sufficient.

>    * Lars Eilebrecht suggests removing HAVE_SYSLOG for Ultrix 4.4
>	1.3b3-dev won't compile with it 'cause syslog on Ultrix is weird.

    I'd prefer to make the appropriate #ifdefs for ULTRIX if it will
    work thus.

>    * The PR#918 patch above appears to have been bogus, should be fixed or
>	reversed.  It has been reversed for now.
>    * Martin's SEGV, and Alexei's GP Fault under windows (probably the same)

    Related to PR#1257 and 1257, maybe?

    An additional "open issue":

    * DDA's adding a tray application to the Windoze version for ease of

    #ken    P-)}

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