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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: [STATUS] 1.3b2 Tue Oct 14 20:38:38 EDT 1997
Date Wed, 15 Oct 1997 15:15:29 GMT
>From the fingers of Jim Jagielski flowed the following:
>    * Martin's [BUGFIX] "make OPTIM=-g" doesn't pass CFLAGS to linker
>        <>
>	Status: <<TO BE COMMITTED>>

    Just FWIW, I agree with Dean - LDFLAGS should be used for this.
    Since the link-phase does *no* compilation, it shouldn't inherit
    CFLAGS.  But I don't feel really strongly about it.

>In progress:
>    * Martin Kraemer's [PATCH] Parsing URI into its components - comments welcome
>	<>
>	This has "evolved" into a new module: util_uri. Martin
>	will post when it's at a state where he's happy with it.

    +1 in 1.3b<whatever>

>Open issues:
>    * Marc's auth issue, he'll get a minimal config that reproduces it
>	* solved: mod_example is returning OK for everything ... causing
>	    badness

    Okey, okey - I've wrangled with this and I feel sufficiently
    comfortable with it that I've changed the auth/auth OKs to DECLINEDs
    where appropriate.

>    * Ken's perl logfile splitter

    I'll assume lazy voting is in effect for this and commit it in 48
    hours (after 1.3b2 is rolled) unless someone objects.  Or some +1s
    will get it into 1.3b2.

>1.3b3 Considerations:
>    * Dean's libap.a concept

    A conceptual +1.

    #ken    P-)}

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