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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: Proxy bug?
Date Thu, 02 Oct 1997 22:01:16 GMT
>> I don't think it's a fatal problem -- I think the code is just a bit
>> impatient at declaring them tardy.  Specifically on TERM, it does a
>> killpg(SIGTERM), then calls reclaim_child_processes(2).  Then it waits a
>> whopping 4096us before declaring them tardy.  Given that solaris has a
>> hard time context switching 4ms isn't enough time.
>I think this time needs to be tuned now that actual processing can be done
>during the shutdown; several seconds would even be reasonable.  Having it
>too high won't hurt anything too much other than leaving the server dead
>for a few seconds.  That code shouldn't be called during "normal" 
>operation anyway, so... 
>Hmm, Roy... are you using any modules that do child exit stuff?

I was testing the default Configure + mod_status + mod_info + libproxy.a
on an UltraSPARC 1.  It shouldn't be logging any error messages until
a couple seconds have lapsed.

Sorry I can't track it down myself --- I'm getting piled higher and deeper
at the moment.


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