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From Christof Damian <>
Subject Re: Log crunching/stats
Date Wed, 29 Oct 1997 15:06:50 GMT
Ben Laurie wrote:
> What are people using for log crunching and stats these days (that is
> reasonably fast)?

I use http-analyze, it has nice graphics and is pretty fast.

Before I used mkstats, but it uses much to much memory for large sites.

analog is very fast, but I like the nice graphics of http-analyze more.

and I have one perl script of my own, which gives nice statistics
including gfx for the marketing people, including:

- visits 
- page views 
- enter/exit/single pages & top paths
- time per visit 
(robot are excluded)

because I do it without cookies, most of this information might be
highly inaccurate, but the marketing people don't seem to care.

Christof Damian /

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